Sunday, January 20, 2019

DIY | 3D Amazon Tropical Rain forest Biom Dioram

When your child got an assignment and ask you to help him ,sometimes it stresses you out. He need to make a diorama from a shoe box or cereal box that describe a rain forest,Don't worry, It will be a simple, fun and creative diorama can be made with just a few old items you already have and a little bit of time and patience. Make it fun and talk about the animals of the rain forest with your kid and also help him search online for the  data he should write on his report if he has to .

- What you need are ( shoe box ,foam cut into pieces ,Acrylic paint ,play dough ,glue gun,little piece of fiber )

- First glue the top and bottom sides of the shoe box together the try to create 2 levels using the foam blocks and glue it to the chow box as shown in the picture below

- Then start to enjoy  painting the foam with green color then use blue color for the lake and the waterfall 

- To make the waterfall ,You will need a clear plastic rectangle shape and stick it  between the to and the bottom level  ,then with the glue gun make a paralleled stripes along to each other 

- Now it is the fun part  ,collect come small rocks from your garden to set it around the lake like so.


- The fun part is not done yet ,sculpt the animal who lives in the Rain forest using the play dough ,then put them the way you make balance in the final look .

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