Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Bohemian Picture Frame and Candle Holders

This Diy  is my favorite because i always love picture frames in a bohemian style or farm house  rustic look  so when we combine it with the candles holder in the same color it gives you one theme in your living room even the are in different shapes or materials 

This is how the candle holder ,actually it looks pretty and classy but i want to change it into a Boho style which i love 

Use the white acrylic paint and after you clean it from any dust or stains apply 2 or 3 layers of the color paint and let each layer completely dry before you apply the next one.

Then you can let it dey for one hour or so and use a soft sandpaper  and try to give it some scrubbing all the way down to give that Boho texture 

now how it looks ..very pretty huh! :)

Lets Repeat and apply the same previous steps on the wooden frame after you take off the back stand of it

Get your favorit paper background ,I got mine from Dollar Tree stores it was just a gift paper wrap and cut it as the same size of the background stand and reattach it again

with some Chalk board stickers  you can add the final look and write down the words you feel it os represents your feeling to your home and the season

Use the Garden Rustic Pattern Wired Burlap Ribbon and put it in the center then glue it

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