Tuesday, January 29, 2019

DIY NARUTO Birthday Party Theme

Here are some amazing ideas for your son's birthday and the whole theme will be NARUTO including ( Name Banner + Eye mask + Naruto drawing picture + Naruto Logo +..etc)  ,,everything will be on budget from Dollar tree or Walmart ,we will paint and coloring and create all the stuff with no need to pay too much money for that ,,its simple ,easy , super fast and so much fun as well..you can watch the whole DIY in the video below ..or you can stick to the steps by step in this post

We are going to start with the banner name using tow colors of papers .Use the black one to the whole letter and trim it out from the paper using cutter or scissor 

and the orange paper to the top part and you can cut it wit random end

After you stick both together  start to draw some of the NARUTO theme like so .and apply the same steps on the rest of the letters 

The hard part here will be the background on the wall ,usually in the other themes  using the building for the background but in NARUTO cartoon they don't have that fancy building,So i thought in the leaf and the shine circle color rays using any cloth table in  of course black and orange as well :)

At the center of the circle we are going to use  the 3D picture of  NARUTO , Just print out this picture in that size  and sctick it on foam board from Dollar Tree  to pop it up

The last part is going to be the  NARUTO Cake Decoration ,It is very easy to make paint or print NARUTO pictures on sturdy papers and cut it out  then i stuck it on any sticks and then you are good to go


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