Wednesday, January 23, 2019

DIY Turn an old photograph into art painted picture

We all love to decorate our bath room with a nice picture but we can not even think to pay much money to decorate my bathroom so i bought  these nice picture  from dollar stores, but after a while especially with the water splash and  water vapors  everyday  it turns out to be like that ruined ,lots of spots and unpeeled edges.

so i thought if every time i have to buy a new pictures it would end up paying lots of money,so i decided to give it some refreshing look by painting on it and  it was actually good idea because it didn't only refreshed it but also it gave and artistic texture 

you just need your imagination and art sense will lead you into all these colors to give the depth and  light  spots in the picture
Remember you need to start with the light areas first then followed with the dark areas 


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