Sunday, January 20, 2019

Spiderman BIrthday Party Theme

Save your son’s next birthday with an awesomely fun theme—use these great ideas in this post 

by making  a full decoration for the party not only hanging some banners or spiderman picture but i will show you how to imagine the whole theme first as you are making a spiderman  movie scene decor starting with the background ,ceiling and arrange some related elements to make the final balance 

Watch the whole DIY here in the video below or just follow the picture followed by it

1- All what you need ( Colored sheets papers - ruler - cutter - acrylic paint and brushes -thick thread )

2- we are going to start with making the banner  by draw each letter on tow different color sheet  and cut out of the sheet ,then you need to shorter the layer on the top to let the other color show up in a random shape as it shown in the picture.

3- After you glue them together  start to draw and paint the web lines on each letter like so

4- then attach all the letters by poking all the letters and use  the thread go throw the holes 

5- Now the Spiderman face  and his hand shooting web follow the same previous steps by draw ,paint and cut

6- the creative part here making the web , the black Easter Craft Stems you can find it easily in Walmart or Dollar stores  and you  need to start from the center middle and then to the edges ,,, you can watch the video above if you want more details 

7- The easy part is the buildings in the background just vertical  rectangles has small rectangles as the windows .

8- Well the funny part is here, the face mask which is the best part for my son and he was so exited about it ,just draw  the half  of his face on the paper , and cut it out ,make one hole at each side then with a proper size of the rubber band attached to the each hole ,and you are good to go :)

I wish you enjoyed it and tell me in the comments how u did your theme or if you tried mine tell me how was it ..i can't wait to know :)

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