Tuesday, January 22, 2019

DIY Welcome Sign Fall Deacoration

Who doesn't like to hang a little nice welcome decor piece on his front door ..This pretty piece is very very easy to make  and also doesn't take much time to get it done

First cut out the Pumpkin drawing with the scissors

I will give the bottom part the wood texture by using brown acrylic paint  and you can take advantage of color patching to help with the texture ,so remember its perfect when you don't do it prefect and neat :).you know what i mean :))

give the edges the same texture ,don't worry we will blend it out with the other color but just to give the harmony look

more light turquoise and white touches here and there

Don't forget to write your "Welcome" word ,and if you can't adjust your hand writing you can use Letters stencil

with the Satan ribbon and leather thread ad some knots at the top and the bottom

Here you go...you did it :)

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