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1-DIY | Dollar Tree Christmas Winter wonderland wreath, Decorations in low budget

Christmas is the wonderful time in the year ,Here i will show you awesome creative DIY ideas for Christmas winter  in very low budget from Dollar Tree stores ,Wreath,,tree,deer, Here you will find all the links for all the items i used from Dollar tree which is a a lot.... 

2-DIY 4 Creative Fall Decor Ideas Autumn rustic Decoration on Budget 

So its fall time  ,let's have fun and join me to make in easy steps this awesome autumn decoration with very low budget  ..i will show you 4 creative DIY ideas  .i used dollar store products and old candle holder and picture frame which i already had and turned it into shabby chic vintage thing ,,Just follow me step by step in this short video  and see how we ended up with awesome rustic bohemian fall decor,,Super fast and so much fun as well ...

3-DIY | Dollar Tree Rustic Fall Wreath Easy Fast One Under $5

This stunning Fall Wreath is super easy and fast to do and the budget is lower than $5 specially if you are gonna use some stuff you already might have like pine cone and some dry flowers leaves grab your  glue gun and join me in this few minutes and see how we end up with pretty rustic  Fall Wreath ,,you can hang it on the front door or on the wall ,,

4- DIY  Turn an old photograph into art painted picture

Turn an old photo into one of a kind piece of art this video  i came up with a new idea ,i already have a flowers photo printing hanging on my bathroom wall but after a years the photos got ruined because of humid and water splash ,,so i thought i could give em an artistic look and fix 'em ,

I tried to paint on 'em with acrylic paint and it ended up with that fancy and pretty look,,SEE MORE

5- DIY | how to make Ramadan Door Wreath Ramadan Decoration

make a fabulous Ramadan door wreath and all the items from Dollar Tree store, you can hang it on your door ,in a kitchen or in your bedroom whatever you like ...SEE MORE

6- DIY : Quick & Easy way to paint an old Frame

DIY how to paint you old picture frame and flip it into a new chic one in a very quick and easy way

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