DIYs Crafts

Need ideas for making cool and easy DIY Crafts and Projects? Want to save on crafts? Save big time with these homemade crafts

1-DIY | How to Make 3D Star Ramadan Decoration | Kids Craft step by step

These pretty 3D paper stars are easy to make and look stunning ,hang from the ceiling or prop up from your wall or Use them to frame a doorway, line up on a very easy and simple steps you will follow ..SEE MORE

DIY | how to make Ramadan Door Wreath Ramadan Decoration

 DIY Ramadan Decorations lantern  fanoos

2- DIY dollar tree Multi purpose Message board, in $3 budget Cheap Dry Erase Board

3- DIY How to make an elegant a bow tie for men and woman

4- DIY Comfy Bike cushion fast and easy

5- DIY Origami Swan from the paper

6- DIY Origami Christmas Tree from paper

7-DIY Cute Storage Box for Home Decor

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